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Norwegian fjord

The hutte that we visited was alongside a small fjord.


Hutte at fjord

Landing stage

Visiting a Norwegian hutte

Norwegian fjords are famous.  After finishing our sound check on Saturday we had a couple of hours free and visited a fjord close to Skien, where Alastair and Hilde a a small hutte.  It's very popular to have a cabing in the woods, where you can go at any time of the year to enjoy the countryside.  This hutte was a the steep bank leading down to a small fjord.  It was in the process of being updated following purchase.  It's a perfect spot for relaxing, boating and walking.  Having a few beers would be great as well if they were not so expensive in Norway.  And one further thing was missing while we were there - the snow.  It was December.  We took several layers of clothing but ended up sweltering in 10° of heat.