Kick Shins Barn Dance Band
The Old School House, Beech Hill Road, Beech Hill, Reading, RG7 2BA
0118 988 2186 07963 830297

Please enter all the details below and click on 'Send booking or enquiry'.  All fields are required.  If this is a first enquiry we'll contact you to agree a price.  If this is to confirm an already discussed booking you will receive an email confirming the booking and the agreed price.

If the booking is for you just enter 'personal'in the organisation name.

Personal details

Our standard booking covers a four hour period including a 30 minute break and travel within a 15 mile radius of Reading.  Please include the postcode on the event address and any notes about location if useful.

Event details

Booking terms

By ticking the box below I agree to the following terms for booking Kick Shins.

  • A non-refundable deposit of £50 will be paid directly to the band's account (details will be sent on receipt of form) before the booking is accepted.
  • Price and any other conditions for a booking outside the standard hours or travel as shown above will be agreed in a separate email.
  • The balance is to be paid seven days before the event date to the band's account as shown above.  This is a non-refundable payment.
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