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We played for a 60th birthday party.  It was an interesting night.  We were due to play from 21:00, but the speeches (in Norwegian of course) overran by a long margin and we did not get on until well after 22:00.  The drink probably added to the length of the speeches, and it rather slowed down the comprehension of English style barn dancing.  We finished at about 01:00 and by the time our maxi taxi had transported us and all the gear back to the house it was well after 02:00.  A few drinks later and it was 04:00 before getting to bed.  Luckily the return flight was not until 15:10.  Despite our best endeavours, including asking the Hollies' tour manager, we were unable to locate a drum set for hire in Norway.  So Alan had to carry his copper, Turkish drum in hand luggage.  As we headed off to the gig we passed a music shop with his favourite Gretsch kit set out in the window.

Visiting a Norwegian hutte

Norwegian fjords are famous.  After finishing our sound check on Saturday we had a couple of hours free and visited a fjord close to Skien, where Alastair and Hilde a a small hutte.  It's very popular to have a cabing in the woods, where you can go at any time of the year to enjoy the countryside.  This hutte was a the steep bank leading down to a small fjord.  It was in the process of being updated following purchase.  It's a perfect spot for relaxing, boating and walking.  Having a few beers would be great as well if they were not so expensive in Norway.  And one further thing was missing while we were there - the snow.  It was December.  We took several layers of clothing but ended up sweltering in 10° of heat.