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Abingdon Operatic Society


We played at Steventon Village Hall (a great location - big dance floor and good stage) for Abingdon Operatic Society on 24 March.  Another very lively and rocky dance.  The above video is a full length one of one of the dances, complete with audience participation noises.

Purley Memorial Hall


We played at Purley Memorial Hall on 18 March to a young and lively audience.

Party in Wiltshire 5 Nov 16

We had a bit of a drive through the lanes of Wiltshire but this was a great family party in a very nice village hall.  We did a bit of live recording and part of one of the tracks is available below.  The shouting at the end is the audience having a good time.

Wedding in Islip, near Oxford

On Saturday 15 October we played at David and Tehmeena's wedding.  Dave is a former band member so joined the band to play a few tunes.  It was a lively evening.  We ran straight through about 8 dances non stop then moved onto a disco run through our PA.  Here are some photos, taken by Dave's son.

Stuart starting to explain the dance.

Paul tuning his bass

Stuart calling and playing

Ray, Dave and Stuart playing

Kick Shins 35th anniversary dance


An extract from one of the dances with Fran Woods calling.

Kick Shins 35th anniversary songs video


 At our anniversary dances we try to do something different from our normal dances.  We performed three songs: Handle With Care, We are Each Other and One day like this.  Here parts of each are combined to give a shorter overal version.  Thanks to Carl for the vocals.

Kick Shins 35th anniversary

On 9 October 2016 we celebrated our 35th anniversary, playing at the Beech Hill Harvest Festival barn dance.  Shown is the current band with others who have played with us along the way.

Pang Valley Scouts



We played in a huge marquee for Pang Valley Scouts on 28 May.  Hundreds of people were at the event and many enthusiastic dancers piled into the marquee for a very lively dance.  The threatened rain stayed away and we had a fine weather evening.

Session at The Elm Tree

Kick Shins had its Christmas party on 1 January 16, starting with a music session at The Elm Tree, Beech Hill, then a long lunch at Stuart's house.

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Our gig in Norway was arranged by Alastair, otherwise known as Skotten.  He performs a hilarious song and comeduy routine at many venues in Norway, and did a short spot at this party.  The night before the gig we managed to learn to accompany him on a popular Norwegian song, and we played with him at the end of his act.  Here is a very short video of part of his act.

You can find out more at or email him at