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Wedding anniversary

It was Stuart & Christine's wedding anniversary on 3 January and several bands joined us to help celebrate. Argo Jazz started the evening with a fine selection of jazz classics, finishing with a special request: La Mer. During the interval there was an eclectic mix of music - flamenco, a Shadows trubute set and a song from Le Miserables. To round off the evening Kick Shins played some tunes with an extended set of musicians who have played with us in the last few years, finishing with a raucous few dance sets. The evening finished all too quickly, helped on by the good food and flow of Champagne.

Birthday party Beech Hill


The wind was blowing and it was cold outside, but inside the Beech Hill Memorial Hall in March it was toasty, with everyone dancing until the end at a birthday party.

Damazan night market - Branle des Chevaux

Kick Shins Branle des Chevaux from Stuart Barry on Vimeo.

Live in Damazan 1


The night markets in south west France are fantastic. Each village has a market on a different day. This one in Damazan is in the town square, surrounded by mediaeval houses. The town hall is on the first floor level giving us cover and a stage. We called a few English dances, then, as we started playing some French and English tunes, loads of people got up and did their own line dancing.

French tour 2018

Above - band enjoying dinner before playing in Moissac

Last week we completed a short tour of villages in south west France. The opening night was in the Parvis, the main square in Moissace, famouse for its Abbey and being on the route to Compostella.

Dindi Moon, a steel pan band from Australia, opened and we finished the evening. It's a magnificent setting, surrounded by restaurants and hundreds of people eating. Despite the blinding stage lights and a few sound glitches we had a very enjoyable evening, and managed to get a few people up dancing.

Look in the blog and video section for more.

December 17 gigs

We had a busy December with a Christmas party in Pangbourne and a 21st birthday party in Shiplake. Both had lots of willing dancers - so willing that we tried out some of our more difficult dances. We usually start with a selection of simple dances for the first half, then judge whether we can step up a notch. As long as people are enjoying themselves it does not matter too much if not everyone makes it perfectly to the end.



We were back at one of our favourite locations on 8 April - Finchampstead Memorial Hall.  The dance floor was packed for most of the evening.  This video was shot unattended from the back of the stage, so forgive the quality.  It shows the end of the last dance then a free form dance to finish off the evening.

Abingdon Operatic Society


We played at Steventon Village Hall (a great location - big dance floor and good stage) for Abingdon Operatic Society on 24 March.  Another very lively and rocky dance.  The above video is a full length one of one of the dances, complete with audience participation noises.

Purley Memorial Hall


We played at Purley Memorial Hall on 18 March to a young and lively audience.

Party in Wiltshire 5 Nov 16

We had a bit of a drive through the lanes of Wiltshire but this was a great family party in a very nice village hall.  We did a bit of live recording and part of one of the tracks is available below.  The shouting at the end is the audience having a good time.