From 5-8 December 2015 the band travelled to Skien, near Oslo in Norway.  We had a great time, hosted by Alastair and Hilde.  We played for a 60th birthday party in a local hall, visited Hilde and Alastair's hutte on a fjord and ate more food than we normally do in a month.  Travelling to Norway with a cut down PA packed into suitcases was a challenge.  Despite all the moans you normally hear about Ryanair we followed the rules and managed to pack a mixer, loads of cables, microphones and a melodeon into 2 x 15 kg suitcases.  Ray's hurdy-gurdy and fiddle got the top treatment - a seat of their own.

A short video clip and other photos and videos are shown in other posts.


Some of the band trying to understand the speeches.