In September 2014 Stuart, Andy and Erica (half of the band) played at a gig in Moissac, France.

Moissac is a delightful town on the River Tarn and the Canal Latéral à la Garonne.  The town held a music festival and some of us boaters got involved.  Tony and Rita from barge Kanumbra managed to bring their steel pan band all the way from Australia to play at the festival.  Not wishing to be outdone (even though we were) half of Kick Shins made it for an afternoon gig.

The barn dance was on a terrace overlooking the river Tarn.  The weather was fantastic and the main problem that we had was in persuading everyone to put down their glass of wine, stop admiring the view and come and dance.

There was a complete mixture of English speakers (mostly people from boats) and French people.  I tried calling in both English and French with reasonable success.  Because we did not have a full lineup we enlisted help from other musicians.  The drummer from Pans on Fire played the first half of the set.  Three French musicians (viola and two fiddles) played the entire set.  To our surprise we had some tunes in common.